Up for vacation adventures? Tips and places for striking adventure tours

More and more people nowadays regardless if they are single, a couple or a family are looking for a new kind experience – vacation adventures. It is not the usual vacation that just offers the usual routine but something that can people explore seemingly limitless possibilities of fun and exposure.

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There are many vacation providers, guides, resorts out there ensure that everybody is looking forward to an adventure holiday can get what he is looking for from basic to luxury. Most of the vacation adventures that fit for all ages are those that include water activities, tour to wildlife, and mountains and caves to be explored.

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What exactly is it that thing that makes a vacation an adventure trip?

1. Adventure comes in different shapes and sizes and it doesn’t have to like one of Indiana Jones’ tales or Lara Croft’s exploits to be worth calling you an adventurer. Even a small camp out in the outdoor backyard can become a great experience you just need to know how it works. First of all, you need to know what an adventure is for you.

Boat tour on jungle expedition adventurous vacationsAmazon Jungle Expedition in Peru

2. Different people have different ideas of what an adventure is, seek out the one that you want and start from there. You may want to have a jungle vacation adventures, an Ocean adventure, livin’ a sports junkie’s dream, or experience unknown cultures at the end of the world. You would never know what to choose since you have no idea what you want. Knowing the kind of adventure you can handle not only saves you frustration it also saves you time, and energy.

Oversea adventure travel Ladakh children budhistsLadakh Buddhist Children

3. Map out different locations for your possible adventure. Having different locations to consider also allows you have better logistics and better grasp of the place. It’s like knowing where to get essentials of the trip, where to go for a refill, where there’s a doctor, where’s the bar etc… like an old adage that goes knowing the field of battle is winning half the battle.

patagonia glacier vacation adventuresPatagonia Glacier

4. Work within a budget and a schedule. All good trips and successful vacation adventures have a working budget and a well thought and well planned itinerary. Knowing your spending limit is also a way of limiting the time you spend on looking around and being idle. Planning ahead is also one means of ensuring that the trip will be something to remember until the next getaway is scheduled.

There you go, a sure fire way of finding the perfect vacation adventure without having to go to an overly priced destination city that you have no idea about. It’s a great way of making sure that your vacation is spent well and not in front of the couch in your living room.

Adventure Trip in Moroccan desert adventure travel tours Adventure Trip into Morocco´s Desert

If you are one of those who are looking forward to vacation adventures rather than a leisure one, it is now time to start rounding up things and decide which will suit your preference and budget best.

People seek out the most exotic places to spend their time away from the city. Places with a mystifying appeal to people attract the curious to check out the myths and truths of the places. Places like the outback in Australia

australian outback uluru ayers rock

and other scenic locations like a Treehouse Resort in Australia. Places that are screaming adventure are some of the top tourist destinations across the globe. For those who prefer to make their vacation worthwhile by being of service to others, the adventure vacation that is perfect for them are called ‘volunteer vacations’.

You don’t even have to travel far; there are more than enough extreme places for “adventourists” in the USA.

Adventure tours USA: United States is one of the best places to go on an adventure tour, because its nature offers various sites where water and land activities can simultaneously be held.

Vacation Adventures For Lifetime Memories

1. Dive into the freshwater caves in Florida.
Not for claustrophobics, because the tiniest parts require divers to take off their tanks to swim through. But if you take the risk the reward is witnessing a vast watery underworld, some of which still remains unmapped.

Few people ever witness the strange underwater chambers at Ginnie Springs Cavern.

Sidemount class cave diving adventure vacation ideasSidemount class

Or book Dude Ranch Vacation in Florida an act like a cowboy or cowgirl!

2. Climb Mount McKinley or sleep with bears in Alaska.

Mount McKinley travel adventureMount McKinley (height: 20,320 foot / 6,194 meter) is the centerpiece of Alaska’s Denali National Park. There are numerous ways to the top, some more or less challenging.

Mount McKinley test piece for climbers.

but the summit is still a great reward for less experienced mountaineers who hire a guide.

At Great Alaska Bear Camp you can watch dozens brown bears on spruce-fringed meadow in


But even if you are not interested in bears and climbing, Alaska has so much more to offer.

3. Go rafting on Owyhee River in Idaho

flows over 200 miles through canyons, steppes and deserts from the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Nevada up through southwest Idaho until it meets the Snake River in Oregon. You can book a one day tour or week long float on the river.

Owyhee River Outdoor VacationsOwyhee River

4. Among all the places where families can go on a vacation, adventuring the Grand Canyon in Arizona is simply the best known.

Before adventure trips gained its popularity, the Grand Canyon in Arizona has been popular to so many families and their generations. This is because the place has its innate beauty where culture, history, and nature are woven together to create a wonderful combination.

Grand Canyon family adventure travelGrand Canyon

The highlight of the ultimate adventure tour is reaching the Canyon’s rim where one can be overwhelmed by its vastness and natural beauty. Since the Canyon can only be reached through the Colorado River, the family members will also enjoy traveling a watery path that provides a magnificent venue of the water as its moves forth and back the canyon’s walls.

From the Whitmore Wash to the Lake Mead

This trip offers greater views of the Canyon while experiencing pleasant rapids in the upstream to the adventurous.

The watery trip will let the people on vacation adventures to float through Hurricane fault zone, down to the Lower Granite Gorge, to the Grand Wash Cliffs, and finally off to the Lake Mead.

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Las Vegas adventure tours USAHoover Dam, Lake Mead, Las Vegas

Your trip to the Grand Canyon should also include a trip to the Bar 10 Ranch.

This is the oldest working cattle ranches in the state. The guest ranch is one of the most places that visitors look forward to because it offers a wide range of activities perfect for everyone.
The activities include hiking, skeet shooting, horseback riding, and even ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) for riding. Read more about Dude Ranch Vacations.

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