5 Amazing Gear To Pack For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Whatever backpacking adventure you are up to, floating a river in a canoe, or four-wheeling down isolated two-tracks, or camping in a national park, or if you just want to introduce your kids to the great outdoors, they all mean leaving the safety and predictability of civilization behind. Fortunately, there are some gear you can take with you to make it much safer, without taking away from the adventure.


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An outdoor trip should be an adventure, but all adventures require a little planning. Prepare for outdoor travel, even if you plan to be out for only a few hours.

What tops my wilderness survival gear list?

outdoor-gear-leatherman-wingman-multi-tool#1 Wingman Multitool by Leatherman (A m a z o n)

This universal tool will be right by your side whenever you need it.

You should always keep this Leatherman in your backpack, its lightweight, pocket-sized, from durable stainless steel and the price (under $30!) is amazing.

Once you have started using this multi-tool while in the outdoors, you won’t ever want to do without!


outdoor-gear-bomber-firestarter-paracord#2 Bomber`s Men’s Bracelet With Firestarter & Braided Paracord (A m a z o n)

The Paracord (7 strand military grade paracord rated at 550 pound) can come in handy if you are in an emergency situation, need to secure shelter, hang your food, or even use it as a laundry line if needed to dry out your gear.  The bracelet is light and easy to wear, perfect to wear while hiking or camping without added bulk to carry. For the amount of paracord in there, it still maintains a sleek profile and the price (around $13) is a steal.

You´ll always be able to build a fire. Nothing sucks more than if you forget your lighter, running out of matches or getting them wet when you need to start a fire while in the wilderness. Definitely a must have for all outdoors hipsters.


outdoor-gear-led-lantern#3 TaoTronics Collapsible Led Lantern (A m a z o n)

Lightest and most portable collapsible Led lantern, it is just 2 inches tall when collapsed and 3.5 inches in diameter, weight is only 4 ounces. This Led lantern has a pretty decent brightness, is durable, unbreakable, water resistant, efficient and energy saving.  You´ll get light whenever you need it, and you can easily switch from the flashlight mode to the lantern mode. All in all for the price this lantern can’t be beat – hurry while it´s on sale for only $9.99!

If you love to go fishing and camping, this is exactly what you need.


outdoor-gear-adventure-medical-kits#4 Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight & Watertight .7 Kit (A m a z o n)

This is an outstanding and comprehensive medical kit for the size. Weight is a huge factor when you are outdoors or hiking and this medical kit weighs next to nothing, but has everything you need for less than $30 to provide comprehensive short-term treatment of most trauma and even medical emergencies.

Hopefully you never need it, but now you´ll have peace-of-mind for travel in any remote, rural or undeveloped areas.


outdoor-gear-fabric-repair-tape#5 Gear Aid Tenacious Tape for Fabric Repair (A m a z o n)

If you need to repair a tent, jacket, backpack, shoes, sleeping bag … this is the answer. The tape is easy to apply, literally sticks like glue, it seals completely and it even survives a number of washes.

For less the cost of a big mac, you can feel confident that you can repair pretty much anything that has an issue while on your outdoor trip.

Hope you enjoyed our cool survival stuff.