Treehouse Resort – Best Treetop Hotel In The World

We searched all continents for the Best Treehouse Resort for you. This is what we found. Obviously as an adult, you require more from a tree cabin than just a spot to sleep in your backyard. Which is why we found the world’s 5 coolest tree hideouts that’re hung high in the canopies and cobbled together with more than just some leftover wood scraps from grandpa´s shed.

treehouse resort

Take a break from the usual hotels and resorts and take a step back to nature.  These amazing treehouse accommodations combine comfort with the thrill of being immersed in nature. While some of the treehouse resorts provide rustic tree cabins built into the tree tops, others make for luxurious nature retreats, but you´ll find even true architectural marvels with high-tech interiors and contemporary amenities.


Want to experience the view from up in the canopy? Stay in a treehouse resort on your next vacation!


#1 Finca Bellavista Treehouse Resort Costa Rica. At this Treehouse Resort in Costa Rica you can choose between 9 treehouse rooms which are up to 90ft off the forest floor.
The Finca Belavista is a sustainable treehouse community founded by earthy young expats and is situated in the canopy of the Costa Rican rainforest on the Pacific Coast. They’re nice enough to let you join there outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, and zip-lining between treehouses.

This is maybe the world’s coolest treehouse resort. Why is this Costa Rica resot, treehouse hotel costa rica so unique? You can join the community, buy a lot and build your own treehouse here!

Treehouse Resort Costa Rica

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Location: Treehouse Lane # 1, La florida de Piedras Blancas, Piedras Blancas 61505, Costa Rica. Cost per night starts around $100.

But there are even more unique treehouse resorts around the world.

On the African continent Tsala Treetop Lodge in South Africa is our top favorite.

#2 Tsala Treetop Lodge. Situated in Western Cape, Tsala Treetop Lodge offers treetop accommodation in 10 luxuriously appointed treehouses. They all come with fabulous African-themed interiors, a plush bedroom, an elegant sitting area with a fireplace and a spacious bathroom that would fit royalty. Built of stone, wood, and glass, the suites offer complete privacy and majestic views of the age-old Tsitsikamma Forest. Extending into the forest you can enjoy a private deck and your own infinity pool providing the ultimate privacy – how cool is that?

Treetop hotel South Africa

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Location:  Harkerville, Plettenberg Bay 6600, South Africa. Prices at this 5* resort start from $505.

#3 Treehouse Resort Sweden – Amazing modern treehouse architecture within a beautiful scenery and if you are lucky you can even see the Northern lights. Have a look at this fabulous Sweden treehouse resort! Sweden’s top architects designed this enclave in a pine forest to boasts modern, eccentric-designed treehouses that resemble the likes of bird nests, mirrored cubes, and an UFO. The Blue Cone, Dragonfly, Birds Nest and The UFO fits 4 people each, but there is a new one for up to 6 people now. They are located 13-20ft of the ground; some suspended, some on stilts, but they all come with clean, rustic chic interiors and modern amenities.

No matter what season, this incredible treehouse resort offers lodging experiences you won’t soon forget. Tip: If you want to see the Northern Lights from a treehouse come in March when the chances are best.

Treehouse Resort Sweden

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Location: 2A Edeforsvaegen, Harads 960 24, Sweden. Prices start at $523.

#4 Bangkok Tree House Resort – Located just a 30 minute drive from the Suvarnabhumi Airport, in Bangkok you´ll find a matrix of giant tree houses that are buried deep in a tropical jungle.
Once there, you’ll choose between the completely wall- and ceiling-less “View With a Room” or a covered “Tree Top Nest”. Your high-up accommodation will boast a downstairs living room, bathroom plus an outdoor shower, an upstairs bedroom with a computer station, on top of the 3rd-floor you have your own green roof with views of the river.
This Treehouse resort isn’t for everyone, especially not for smokers, as smoking is out of bounds everywhere on the premises. But that’s more than a fair trade off for nights surrounded by fireflies, mornings scored by bird song, and a village-style warmth and hospitality. That all has become increasingly rare in the bustle of Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok Tree House Resort

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Location: 60 Moo 1, Petch Cha Hueng Road, Phra Pradaeng 10260, Thailand. Prices in the tree top nests start at $125 inclusive: free delicious ice-cream around the clock, free bike rental, free WiFi, free cell-phone rental, free breakfast.

#5 Billabong Retreat Sydney is the perfect treehouse getaway, a place for relaxation, adventure and well-being. The Sydney treehouse resort offers 5 treehouse en-suite cabins for 2 with water-view. But you can also choose one of the traditional cottage rooms. For relaxation yoga, meditation and massage are available. The place is abundant with colorful and vocal native life and you will be able to spot hundreds of bird species. At night the whole place throbs to the chorus of frogs and cicada’s.
This is also a fully certified eco-retreat and they try to minimize their  impact on the environment through rain water usage, water recycling, solar hot water and electricity.

Billabong Treehouse Sydney

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Location: 41 Mcclymonts Road, Maraylya, New South Wales 2765, Australia. Price here start at $115.

America, Africa, Europe, Asia or Australia? What´s your favorite treehouse resort in the world? If you’re up for a local adventure and you want to stay in a place unlike any other, than book yourself a night in a treehouse hotel in the U.S.