Budget-Friendly Travel Tips With Kids

If you want to find the best destinations for traveling with children, the first challenge you must overcome is cost. Maintaining a budget while traveling with kids can feel like an impossible task; as soon as you get out of your comfort zone, you’re susceptible to spending on a whim.

As a parent, it’s natural to want to make your kids happy, especially on vacation, but your budget might not be enough to splurge on everything the kids want to explore. Here are practical tips to help you have fun and stay on budget while traveling with kids.

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Live Like a Local

Finding a nice hotel that offers incredible amenities and activities is a wonderful idea. However, this can often be costly, which makes it difficult to stick to your budget if you don’t have a lot to spend. One way to curb spending is to find a place you can stay longer.

Vacation rentals often offer discounts if you plan on staying longer, and they help you save money on meals as you don’t need to eat out. As a bonus, you can find rentals with a washing machine, which means you can pack fewer clothes and avoid paying extra for checked bags.

Create a Snack and Souvenir Budget for the Kids

It can be difficult not to give your kids cute stuffed dolls and other items during your trip. Also, you will come across tempting amusement parks and snacks as well as other entertainment options. Save some money and decide the max you can spend on snacks and souvenirs for kids. Help them understand there’s a limit on the things they can get. Another tip is to push souvenir shopping to the last days of the vacation, making it something the kids really want.

If the kids are grown, give them the money instead of spending it for them. There are debit cards for kids that you can give each and load a predetermined amount of money.

Visit Kid-Friendly Cities

To ensure the kids have fun, you can visit kid-friendly cities where you can enjoy your vacation as a family.


One of the options you should check out is Chicago, Illinois, which is an excellent choice when planning a family getaway. There are many extraordinary things you can explore within walking distance of many popular downtown hotels.

Explore the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, or the Adler Planetarium to entertain the kids and also have fun. These world-class attractions keep the kids engaged for hours. 

If NYC is more your speed, you can also head to the Big Apple, especially the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, where you can enjoy a game. If you are looking for Yankee tickets, find discounted ones online, where you can filter your search by date, seat rating, and price range. Some ticket sellers offer a 360-degree in-seat view to help you in the process of purchasing the ticket. 

The bigger point, of course, is to find activities and attractions that everyone will enjoy. So, make sure to include your children in the conversation!

Book Activities and Tours Ahead of Time

Do your family and your budget a favor by researching the activities and tours you want to explore ahead of time. Take the time to pay for the activities in advance. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s easier to prioritize activities your family wants to explore.

Choose your must-do activities before the trip and structure your budget. Paying ahead of time can also get you good prices, so scour the internet for deals that can help you to minimize cost.

Use Gift Cards

Also, you can use gift cards as a “money hack.” When creating the budget, look for the items you can pay for using a gift card. Through specialty gift cards, you can get discounts, which help you stretch your budget further. There are many sites you can use to get gift cards, but be strategic to avoid having too much money on gift cards that you cannot spend at home.


Going on vacation with kids takes incredible planning, as you want them to have fun without inconveniencing your peace. For parents on a budget, it’s important to look for kid-friendly locations while keeping a watchful eye on your money.

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