California Wine Country Vacations – A New Way To Experience Wine Tasting

California wine country vacations are a unique way of putting enjoyment into an already popular activity such as wine tasting. If you love tasting different types of wine then why not spice up your time off by booking a wine vacation which will give you an all in one experience full of amazing sights, smells, accommodation and wine tasting for an affordable price. For those of you who have NOT experienced a wine vacation, it’s a unique vacation package where you live on a vineyard and over the next 3-7 days you experience different aspects of wine making. These vacations are full of tours, activities and even some of the best dining restaurants.


California wine country vacations

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Check out the best wine tours, hot air balloon rides and more:
Great activities in Temecula

California wine country vacations are becoming so popular over recent years that many travel agents are working with vineyards to put together packages that can be purchased online. Everything is setup and ready to go for you once you book your vacation.  One thing to keep in mind is when you book your vacation you can actually save 25-30 percent during non-vacation months. Months like December, July and August are priced usually higher than any other month because people tend to travel during these months. If you have flexible travel dates then it is highly recommended to book during low-peak months.

You can tour California’s wine country by car, by bike or even by hot air balloon — just don’t forget to pack your corkscrew. As usual, we like to provide you with the most information so here are out top 4 California wine country vacation spots…

Most of these California wine country hotels and resorts offer all-inclusive vacations so everything is pretty much covered like tours, food, special amenities, etc.

california wine country vacations

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1. Temecula Valley in California is on the top of our list of California wine country tours because it is truly an all-in-one package designed to give you an experience that you won’t forget.

Check out the best wine tours, hot air balloon rides and more:
Great activities in Temecula

The guest at the Temecula winery hotels will enjoy walks through the vines, complete tours and eating gourmet food within the fine-dining restaurants including some of the best wines you’ll ever taste. They offer all different kinds of rooms equipped with complete luxury and the pricing not that bad either. Depending on the length of your stay you can get an 

California Wine Country vacations all inclusive check price: Temecula Valley


Remember this includes everything so you don’t need to worry about dishing out more money once you arrive.


path through sonoma vinyard2. Sonoma Countys Bed & Breakfasts are up on our list providing a unique travel experience that you’ll never forget. All packages include a full breakfast and some of the resorts are equipped with amenities like spa, swimming pools, hot-tub, massage, internet access and some of the best wine tasting. The package may also include tours, horseback riding and beautiful hiking trails which can be used for cycling as well.

California Wine Country Vacation Packages check price: Sonoma Countys Bed & Breakfasts

However staying on certain days during the week will help you save money. The higher prices are usually based on stays during the weekends on Fri-Sunday.

3. The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa  has one of the best tour packages because it includes a tour of the top 6 most famous wineries including Deerfield Ranch, Benziger and Chateau St. Jean. The package includes staying in one of their renovated luxury suites and dining in either one of their 2 restaurants located on the resort.

One thing which is included on this resort which is not available in many other wine vacations is a full 18-hole golf course and lessons for those who are NOT that experienced. You can play all the golf you like because it is part of the all-inclusive package. 

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa
: Price per night/couple, includes all the amenities & wine tasting.


Napa Valley, Rain after the Harvest4. Last on our list is Napa Valley Lodge where you’ll get another unforgettable experience at a very affordable price. Tours are spread throughout the day so join when it’s good for you and you’re full of energy. They offer complete poolside service and have an awesome SPA available to you included within the package. They have several events planned for guests on different days from concerts, activities and more. The wine tour is the main attraction with complete wine tasting, hiking through the vine yards.

Napa Valley Lodge - Package which is all-inclusive per night/person.

California wine country vacations are picking up a lot of momentum over the last several years so if you’re looking for a different experience then book a wine vacation and try it out. From the reviews I’ve read online, many first time vacationers have nothing but good things to say about their experience.

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