Move Your Imagination – Las Vegas Getaways On A Budget

Looking for Las Vegas getaways on a budget? No problem, you can make an unforgettable but cheap trip to Las Vegas, all it takes is just a creative way of planning your vacation and to stay away from the gambling.

Prices for a 4 star hotel room start around $30, a more luxurious 5 star rooms on the strip you can get below $100 also. A Flight to Las Vegas can be around $40 by taking a low cost carrier and booking in advance. If possible book week days rather than weekends. Compare offers, Las Vegas getaway packages can often be cheaper than separate bookings, especially if you take a super saver fare.

Welcome Las Vegas gateways on a budget

Welcome Las Vegas gateways on a budget


For cheap Vegas getaways: Visiting Las Vegas? Find Deals, Compare Rates, and Read Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor.


Free attractions you should not miss on Las Vegas getaways.

Besides gambling and costly ventures, there are many free attractions in Las Vegas if you go looking for them. These will also get you a tour of the strip as well.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas getaway package

Venetian Hotel Las Legas getaway package

The art work at the Venetian Hotel is quite worthwhile to see. The ceilings are painted with intricate designs. The lobby floor is extremely eye catching as it is an optical illusion. The second floor also has paintings in the ceilings that make you feel like you are in one of the churches in Italy. If you head to the second floor, you can go to their Grand Canal Shoppes. They have serenading gondoliers, street performers, and living statues. You can get a feel for old Italy here.


Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas getaway deals

Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas getaway deals

The circus acts at the Circus Circus Hotel are fascinating to watch. They are usually every hour until midnight over the casino floors. After the show is over, you can go to the Midway and try your luck with a few video games.


A Las Vegas weekend getaway is the perfect way to relieve all the stresses of a long work week, but be prepared for higher prices.

Las Vegas getaway at Caesar's Palace

Las Vegas getaway at Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace animatronic statues are good for a ten minute break. They have laser light shows and dancing waters. All this and they tell the myth of Bacchus or the rise and fall of Atlantis. There are seats all around so you can sit and take a break and be entertained too.

The Sirens of Treasure Island have a pirate battle on the strip. But these pirate have worked out and look pretty good. It is the Las Vegas version of pirates in the Caribbean seas.

Las Vegas getaway package Bellagio Fountain

Las Vegas Bellagio Fountain Getaway Package

The Bellagio Fountains are especially beautiful at night. The dancing water is put to music and the choreography is quite mesmerizing.

The Fremont Experience is another attraction you can go and view for free. There is live music, street performers, and jugglers. They also have a great laser and light show using some two million light bulbs.

Have a ever seen a volcano erupt? Now you can at The Mirage, and it is totally free of cost! Watch the show safely from the sideways each night at 8 and 9pm and there is also an additional show on Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm.

Looking for more romance? Just have a look at the world’s most romantic cities on the Strip, like Venice, Paris and Rome. Just use your imagination and picture yourself walking hand-in-hand in an entirely far away place, but without the jetlag.

Tips to get show tickets for less on Las Vegas getaways.

Of course you want to experience the glitz and glamour of this exciting destination and visit one of the many show, but booking while in Las Vegas can be a great hassle, and most tickets will be sold out. Check for “price off” coupons for the lower-priced shows ahead of time.

Car rentals are expensive, to save money use public transportation, bus, monorail, trams, and shuttles are more than adequate for trips in Las Vegas.

For cheap Vegas getaways: Visiting Las Vegas? Find Deals, Compare Rates, and Read Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor.


Hot months cheap Las Vegas getaways

Strip at night – cheap las vegas getaways

Probably the cheapest months to get any Las Vegas getaways packages or deals are first to third week in December and the hot months of June, July and August. In the hot summer month you will be able to find rooms with prices of $20!


Check for low room rates at: Circus Circus, Excalibur, Golden Gate, Luxor, Palace Station, Stratosphere, Flamingo, The Quad, Fiesta Rancho, Texas Station, Riviera and El Cortez, while Bally’s, Boulder Station, the D, Four Queens, Harrah’s, Hooters, LVH, Monte Carlo, Plaza, and Sam’s Town. Be aware that rates change quickly and that these are base prices and may be subject to any combination of taxes and fees.