Dude Ranch Vacations That You Have To Experience

Dude ranch vacations have been growing in popularity over the last several years providing a great way for individuals and families to experience western horseback riding which is a thrill of a lifetime.

Over the years they have been known to provide some other great experiences like outdoor experiences, quality food and white water rafting. However to fully understand the depth in which one can enjoy working dude ranch vacations it’s important to weigh out the pros and cons of such an experience.

Dude Ranch Vacations

There whole experience has been catered around providing you activities that you and your family can do together. There is so much to do like horseback riding, water sports, fishing, golfing, tennis and even mountain climbing. These are only a few and there are several other activities depending on what ranch you choose to visit.

Dude ranch vacations are a great way to enjoy the outdoors

Horseback riding vacations

The value is awesome because the cost per night usually includes all the activities as well so you only need to pay once and do not have to worry about other added costs which would creep up on you if you decided on a different type of vacation. Many people often worry about how healthy the food on a ranch would be but it is safe to say that much of the produce is grown on the ranch using only organic methods so you are getting only the most top quality food.

The only con which is important to mention when thinking about dude ranch vacations is that all the activities and programs are based on the ranch. You are essentially paying to be part of the ranch experience which usually leaves very little to do off the ranch. Unlike traveling to Florida where you can visit different cities and historical spots, with ranch vacations it’s you and the outdoors typically on the ranch.

Family dude ranch vacations

For those of you who are planning a dude ranch vacation and have little experience in choosing the right one, I have put together a quick list of the best available.

1. The Triangle C Dude Ranch

which is located in Wyoming offers 8,000 square feet lodging. This place is ideal for singles and for families as it offers everything that you want to really make the most of your vacation like full luxury spa, library, pool, horseback riding and small voyages.

Get a true sense of working cattle drive vacations in the Wild West - The Triangle C Dude Ranch.

The Goosewing Dude Ranch in Wyoming

The Goosewing Dude Ranch in Wyoming

2. Another outstanding location in WY hidden in a beautiful valley, great to enjoy the Grand Tetons in all their glory. Have a look at this guest ranch in Wyoming.

3. The Wildcatter Ranch in Texas

is a complete 1,500 acre ranch located in the hills offering a beautiful view. This ranch offers horseback riding vacations and even private rides for those with different skill levels. For the family they offer wagon rides and even a theatre where you can watch some old Western flicks. When night hits and it’s time to hit the sack there is NO need for tents as the logging offers 16 luxury suites equipped with fireplaces, kitchen and dining rooms.

It’s a great experience for anyone looking for a full service ranch – The Wildcatter Ranch in Texas.

Beaumont Ranch in Grandview TX

Beaumont Ranch in Grandview TX

4. At the Beaumont Ranch in Grandview Texas luxurious comfort meets rustic charm. The western town is beyond amazing, you can go roping, trail ride and cattle herding.

The concept of dude ranch vacations began way back in the 1880s but still stands test of time!

5. The Westgate River Ranch in Lake Wales, Florida

is another guest ranch which is on the top of my list on the east coast because of its authenticity. If you’re a cowboy or cowgirl you can definitely take advantage of the horseback riding along the Westgate River Ranch trails.

The Westgate River Ranch in Lake Wales.

Now if you need to add a little experience to your riding then this ranch offers private lessons for all different skills of people. On Saturday night you can enjoy championship rodeos which is great for the family because its offers the true Western experience. There is so much to do that often the only problem is that you just didn’t have enough time to complete all the activities. From zip lining, rock climbing, golfing, boat rides, fishing and even hayrides you’re always going to have something to do while on the ranch.

luxury dude ranch vacations

If you like to BBQ, then facilities are available on the ranch but if you’re not the grilling type then you can enjoy the Smokehouse Restaurant and Grill located on the ranch. Let me mention something about the accommodations and it’s that you have almost all types available like 1-2 bedroom suites and even tents which are fully furnished with AC.

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