Feel Like a King with Castles To Stay In on Your Next Vacation

Castles to stay in – always something special and these day’s vacations have evolved so much that the whole experience has completely changed from that several years back. To give you an example of the shift, let’s take a look at some of the accommodation available to many of us traveling to different parts of the world.

Entrance to one of the romantic castles to stay in

From ranch vacations, tree-house lodging, bed & breakfast and now you even have the option of a handful of castles to stay in. Your probably wondering why would people want to stay in a castle, well let’s look at some reasons.

Castles to stay in – always something special.

First, imagine having a wedding at a castle like some of the celebrities have done in the past. This is an option which is provided by some of the castle resorts and the vacation packages have even been catered to provide this experience. If you’re already married then why not spend your anniversary with your loved one in a castle and be part of history which goes back hundreds of years.

We’ve often been brought up watching fairy tales of kings & queens in castles who have ruled a kingdom for many years and this thought has been embedded deep within our conscious that if we had the chance to experience such an fairytale we would jump at the chance. Well, that fairytale has now become reality because you have the chance to live in a castle while vacation abroad.

medieval castleMedieval Castle

Castles to stay in are very rare that you need to perform a lot of research and book well ahead to secure accommodation for when you travel. However, here are a few that are allowing guest to stay when visiting.

One final reason that I read about from many people who have stayed within a castle on their vacation is that this experience is truly priceless. You have to remember that only few countries within the world have been under an empire rule so castles are very rare with only a handful allowing accommodation so people just want to be part of history.

With so many magnificent castles to stay in England it was difficult to choose only one.

The Langley Castle Hotel built in the 14th century during the reign of Edward III. Located in South Tyne, it offers a romantic getaway for couples and offers some of the best dining in the world. This castle is well-known for providing some of the best wedding experiences and ideal for private functions, receptions and exclusive uses for companies.

The structures within the rooms have NOT been altered but have been fixed with awesome interior designs. The accommodation consist of twenty-seven guest rooms all private facilities. Some rooms are equipped with spa bath and saunas.

Langley Castle, in Northumberland, England Langley Castle, Northumberland - Castles to stay in England

Currently you’re looking at spending $450 a night per person - Langley Castle Hotel.

There are several castles to stay in Ireland, but this one is special.

The Waterford Castle Hotel with the history going back to the 6th century, the castle is located on its own private island on the River Suir. The castle is a 4-star luxury experience and provides everything you could ask for. Has a complete golf resort, great reception hall ideal of weddings and two dine in restaurants. Accommodations include 19 elegant suites all been renovated. If you’re looking for accommodation for your family then take advantage of their 6 family suites they have available. Recreation includes castle tours, plays and a complete historical museum.

Waterford Castle in Waterford, Ireland

Waterford Castle, a Castles to stay in Ireland

Average $350 per night per person for Waterford Castle Hotel.

Probably the best Scottish castle hotel for golfers.

Castle Stuart is more of a vacation place for golf lovers as the castle mainly caters to that type of crowd. Castle Stuart has two on site dining areas and club houses for golf lovers. It also comes equipped with a short & long range game area and putting green. This resort is closed for the next couple of months for extensive renovations however once it has been reopened it promises to be an awesome experience for golfers.

Castle Stuart, in Inverness, Scotland

Castle Stuart, Inverness, Castles to stay in Scotland

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

Germany is virtually filled with romantic castles – this one is more than worth a visit!

Castle Hotel Auf Schoenburg located in the town of Oberwesel in the middle of the Rhine valley. The view over the river Rhine river and the vineyards is truly spectacular. This castle offers you an experience that you won’t forget with 24 fully furnished rooms and an open fireplace. All rooms have a walkout to the castle garden and perfect for weddings because it’s equipped with elegant rooms for all occasions.

No matter when you travel you will always see some sort of reception or weddings taking place. There is only one restaurant within the castle but caters to all type of food so no matter what your preference they will be able to provide some of the best food ever tasted.

If you ever get tired of all the pampering in this family-run castle hotel, a visit down to the town of Oberwesel is always fun and a cruise on the Rhine is simply a must. The stuff at the hotel speaks English very well and most locals in the tourist areas speak at least some English too, so don’t worry.

Schönburg, Oberwesel, Germany

Castles to stay in Germany Schoenburg (Oberwesel)

Average stay per person is 250 Euros per night. „Auf Schoenburg“ Have a look at more pictures, reviews and prices for Auf Schoenburg.

A picturesque castle to stay in France.

The Chateau de Pray lies in the center of the Loire Chateaux region of France. The chateau itself is picturesque and the amenities include bike rentals to use on the trails, balloon rides, horse riding, wedding & reception halls and swimming which open’s during the summer. The castle is perfect for small or large groups because it has 19 rooms and 4 suites so NO matter what the occasion you will have the right accommodation available to you.

There are specials available all year long, for example currently 3 nights at the price for 2 and two dining restaurants with one being an all-day buffet and the other catering to all types of food preference. They speak great English at the hotel, which is very helpful, but that’s not the norm in France.

Chateau de Pray in Charge, Amboise, France

Castles to stay in France - Chateau de Pray

Average price per person $400 per night. Chateau de Pray Have a look at more pictures, reviews and prices for Chateau de Pray.

Once upon a time, only kings and queens could sleep in a castle. Now it welcomes all, feel like royalty with a luxurious break in an old castle hotel. Castle vacations are an awesome experience for anyone. So be part of history when you travel next time and book yourself a castle to stay in. Select one of the amazing resorts mentioned above.