Practice Self-Care with a “Reset” Trip This Year

Every once in a while, it pays to give yourself a self-care “reset” trip, where you recharge your mind and body and enjoy the novel sights of a new location. But where to go?

Below, The Wonder Map breaks down five of the best cities for self-care vacations where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy nice amenities or fantastic environments.

seaside resort for self care vacation


Maybe you should head to Indonesia: specifically, Bali is a great vacation destination with beautiful environments ranging from beaches to volcanoes to jungles and more. It’s an especially good place if you like to check out wild animals – in this beautiful city, you’ll find elephants, tigers, orangutans, and a variety of other wildlife to recharge your mind and restore your admiration of the natural world.


Take a trip to the Coliseum and practice self-care by visiting one of the world’s most famous cities: Rome! Rome is home to delicious restaurants, flowing wine, and plenty of five-star resorts where you can be pampered and taken care of by professional and courteous servants throughout the duration of your vacation.

Should you love Rome enough, you might purchase a home to stay there permanently. If you can’t cover the standard 20% down payment, you can use a home equity loan or take out a second mortgage on your current home to cover the costs.


Among the best cities to visit for a self-care vacation is Seattle. While it’s raining a lot of the year, that just means the locals love congregating outside for festivals, concerts, and other major attractions. In fact, Seattle is home to over 100 annual festivals, so check it out if your idea of self-care is mingling with locals and enjoying novel experiences. A stay at a well-situated vacation rental will also make your self-care vacation a memorable one.

Should you fall in love with Seattle, you can move here permanently. Renting might be the better choice, so use online listings sites to find apartment rentals in Seattle that are in the right budget range – this is crucial since the average Seattle home price is $765,000 if you buy!


Paris, naturally, is also a great destination vacation for a self-care stay away from home. This iconic and beautiful city has gorgeous architecture, plenty of museums and historical landmarks to visit, and some of the best restaurants worldwide. While you’re here, be sure to try everything and practice self-care by reinvigorating your love for the novel and new, and enjoy some classic French wine or champagne – after all, you’ll be on vacation!


Santorini is a group of Greek islands featuring some of the most iconic and beautiful beaches in the world, plus a handful of resorts and hotels that make regular resorts look cheap in comparison. Eat great food, enjoy Santorini sunsets, and go sailing with your friends or family members to practice self-care in this beautiful corner of the world.

Reset and Rest Near Home

Maybe you don’t want to go too far from home after all. In that case, you can use a vacation rental site to enjoy a self-care staycation near your house or apartment. Vacation rental sites can make it easy for you to find a great resort by offering search settings for amenities, room controls, pricing points, and more all at your fingertips.

The right “reset” trip can prepare you for anything 2022 will throw at you and leave you energized for fresh challenges. Even better, visiting one or even all five of these cities could give you a clue as to where you want to retire or purchase a second home in the future!