Safe Ways to Explore the Outdoors While Social Distancing

With spring fast approaching, people will soon be itching to get outside and enjoy some time away from home. While the pandemic has put a stop to many entertaining activities, there are still lots of things you can do outside while practicing safe social distancing. Whether you decide to trek into the forest or camp out in your own backyard, there are plenty of safe ways to get out of the house for a little adventure. The Wonder Map Getaways shares some great ideas to inspire your own pandemic-friendly outings!

explore outdoors camping tent

Camping in the Backyard

Backyard camping is a fun activity for people of all ages. All you need is a tent, a sleeping bag, and lots of marshmallows!

  • Camping in your own backyard is a great way to enjoy a memorable family adventure without the stress of packing the car or traveling to a distant destination.
  • You can camp outside for a single night or the whole summer—it’s up to you!
  • To make the most of your backyard campout, have a fire, roast marshmallows, tell scary stories, and try to pretend that your house isn’t just a few steps away.
  • Turn your campout into an educational experience for your kids by trying to identify and observe animals in your backyard.
  • Backyard camping can be a terrific opportunity to stargaze with your kids.
  • If you’re going to be making any upgrades to your yard, be sure to keep track of improvements, as they can increase your home’s value.

Off-Grid Camping

If you’re up for a little adventure, take your camping trip into the wild. What better way to practice social distancing than to get as far away from other people as possible?

  • Off-grid camping is a great activity for adventurous families, especially if you have young kids who love to explore the great outdoors.
  • Take advantage of online resources to find places in the country where you can legally camp for free.
  • Before leaving on your trip, gather all the gear you need for a safe and comfortable stay in the wilderness.

Hiking Your Local Trails

Don’t have a couple free days for a camping trip? Take advantage of a sunny afternoon for a little trekking adventure. As long as your local trails aren’t too crowded, hiking is a great way to get some exercise during the pandemic.

  • Hiking has several mental and physical health benefits, so hitting your local trails can help to enhance your well-being during this stressful time.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, you should be able to find trails to match your skill level.
  • Anyone embarking on a day hike needs to bring essential supplies, including plenty of water and snacks, navigational tools, clothing layers, good shoes, and a first aid kit.
  • To keep yourself safe while hiking, remember to carry hand sanitizer and maintain a distance of at least six feet from other people—and don’t take any unnecessary risks!

Self-isolating at home shouldn’t stop you from getting outside for fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. As long as you can practice social distancing, you can still enjoy many of your favorite outdoor activities, like hiking or back-country camping. Or, if you’re feeling less adventurous, stick to your own backyard and camp with all the comforts of home. Just remember to stay safe out there!