Home Away From Home: How to Save with Short-Term Rentals

It’s easy to think that travel requires a lot of time and even more money. Fortunately, with the rise of short-term rentals in today’s world, there are more ways than ever before to make a trip fit into your schedule and budget. From being flexible with your destination to taking advantage of Enterprise coupons for your car rental, here are three easy ways to save big on your next trip.

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Choose the Right Destination

A budget-friendly vacation starts with planning. If you don’t have a special event or other reason to go to a specific place at a specific time, consider somewhere off the beaten path. See what comparable rentals cost in different cities, and be open to unexpected options: your money will go much further in a smaller city than in a major world metropolis! You also won’t feel so overwhelmed trying to pack in all the sights of a cultural hotspot in just a few days, and you’ll have a bit more time to relax and truly enjoy your surroundings.

Another tip when planning? Consider traveling during the off-season. Whether you head to a national park in winter or to New Zealand in June, you’re guaranteed to save money on everything from transportation to lodging to food, and you’ll likely find far more rental options available.

National parks are a great place to take advantage of senior discounts. There are a host of other places that make senior discounts available, including restaurants and grocery stores, so be sure to check out what discounts you can find where you plan to travel. This is a great way to save money.

Book a Place with a Kitchen

One of the biggest benefits of the short-term rental boom is the option to have all the amenities of home in your new city. By booking a home away rental with a kitchen, you can save money by not eating out, in addition to getting a more authentic feel for the neighborhood through its grocery stores and local markets. Bring your own shopping bags for an even more cost-effective grocery run.

Especially if you’re traveling internationally, expect to find totally different products than you’re used to, and take advantage of the opportunity to branch out with new spices and dishes. Even with ingredients that you’re used to, though, don’t be afraid to ask locals how they use them. You might discover an entirely new culinary world, or give a second life to one of your tried-and-true classics.

Have Your Own Wheels

Anyone who has traveled knows the dilemma: Do you want to spend an hour (or two!) getting from the airport via public transportation, or will you opt for a cab and its exorbitant fare? Fortunately, there’s a third option. With companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, renting a car doesn’t have to be expensive, and in addition to their already affordable prices, you can often find coupon codes and deals to drop the cost even further. Make sure the short-term rental you book has parking available, and you’ll be all set to explore your surroundings on your own schedule.

Saving money while traveling is all about planning a little in advance, and being open to unexpected places and experiences. Even if you’re only leaving home for a few days, you can still reap all the joys and benefits of traveling, from getting to relax with loved ones to seeing new places and cultures. With a little bit of planning and foresight, you can minimize the financial concerns of such a trip, leaving you with more time and energy for the world around you. Bon voyage!This article is brought to you by The Wonder Map, where I want to show the beautiful and exciting places I’ve captured with my lens