Cheap Places To Travel In The US That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Summer is in full swing and you are maybe looking to plan some cheap places to travel in the US to a fun destination while staying on budget. So we just found the 5 most affordable cities in the U.S. based on the annual TripIndex Cities cost-comparison study for you.

cheap places to travel in the US

Find cheap places to travel in the US that provide fun for the whole family.

TripIndex Cities compares the cost of a 3-night vacation during the summer travel period of June to September in 29 key tourist cities around the globe. They take into account typical in-destination costs for two people including a four -star hotel for three nights, a visit to three attractions, lunch each day, an Uber or taxi to and from dinner each day plus the cost of dinner itself. So if you want to travel to some affordable cities this summer or fall, find low cost vacation ideas below:

#1 New Orleans is the most affordable U.S. city, not only for a summer trip!

cheap places to travel in usa

New Orleans is one most romantic places in the US, but kids and families have plenty of options too. For food lovers the soul-warming gumbo and juicy crawfish makes your heart skip a beat. While music lovers will find New Orleans being musically alive, where jazz funerals dance spirits to the other side and Sunday brunch is a gospel concert. With so many incredible festivals and events taking place throughout the year, our top cheap vacation spot is a must!

Lunch Per Day: $31
Dinner Per Day: $103
Hotel Per Night: $217
Total: $1,148 for a 3 night stay. Book now if a trip to New Orleans is on your bucket list!

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#2 in cheap tourist destinations this year is Houston, Texas.

Have you ever traveled to Houston on of our top cheap vacation spots? Did you know that this city has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of coolest places to live in the U.S.! The prices make it cool to and are a good reason why you should visit.

Lunch Per Day: $39
Dinner Per Day: $102
Hotel Per Night: $209
Total: $1,190 for a 3 day trip. But maybe you never want to leave.

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More cheap places to travel in the US that are both vacation and wallet-friendly.

#3 in the most affordable vacation spots is Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a hot destination, full of entertainment, world-class dining, and over-the-top attractions. Most of a Vegas vacation is usually spent indoors, so you can be sure to have a good time here year-round.

Lunch Per Day: $40
Dinner Per Day: $96
Hotel Per Night: $190
Total: $1,195 for 3 nights full of entertainment. Your dream trip to Las Vegas is just a few clicks away:

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Discover more cheap places to travel in the US with the most beautiful sights and attractions.

#4 Atlanta is among the best affordable vacation spots in the USA.

You can be sure to enjoy a high level fun and unique entertainment in this lovely capital of Georgia. History is spread across 33 acres in Atlanta, but there is more than gone with the wind in this buzzing often overlooked Southern city.

Lunch Per Day: $35
Dinner Per Day: $96
Hotel Per Night: $247
Total: $1,296 for a 3 day vacation.

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Our last tip on cheap places to travel in the US to save your hard-earned loonies.

#5 visit Dallas, TX for great inexpensive vacations this year. Big things happen here from world-famous museums to top sports teams to shopping the city of Dallas has something for everyone.

Lunch Per Day: $33
Dinner Per Day: $103
Hotel Per Night: $252
Total: $1,315 for a 3 day city trip.

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We’ve narrowed the list down to 5 cheap places to travel to in the US, but of course there are more choices. From vibrant cities, woodsy mountains, lovely beaches and majestic national parks you’re likely to find some great cheap places to travel in the United States.

Hotels don’t just offer you discounts at random, but sometimes, these discounts aren’t even worth it, well unless you’re looking to traveling during off peak season where there is at most a 50% discount. But let’s face it, you travel during peak season because this is the season when you actually have time to travel. So aside from waiting for your favorite hotel’s tirade of discounts during off peak season, when you can’t really travel and then end up not going at all, why not take the initiative and find your own ways to cheap getaway, make your own discount.

Some tips when looking for cheap places to travel in USA and around the world:

– Check detour flights other than the straight one you’re bound to get when you inquire. You can get cheaper overall prices if you choose to book two flights instead of one. Some people have been able to save as much as $2000 by doing this.

– It is always better to buy food at grocery shops and cook it yourself rather than eating all the time at a restaurant. You won’t want to spend all of your pocket money on food. Fast food restaurants tend to have cheap and sometimes unhealthy food, ensure your own health as well as your pockets health by cooking your own, that is, after all, the reason why you should look for a kitchenette in your hotel room.

– Travel to cheap vacation locations which boast of attractions but have lower costs of living, prices here tend to be lower. Take the budget vacation destinations we listed above, they all have great views and tourist spots but come without the hassle of overpricing.

– If you’re planning to stay for more than a week, check for week long stay discounts, these can range for percentages off your room price or even a “free day.”

– Package deals usually save a lot, airfare and lodgings combined into one are usually cheaper compared to paying for them separately. Some travel agencies even provide trio packages which include airfare, hotel and car rental, you can save a lot.

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With the link above you´ll find web-only discounts or coupons which some hotels and airline owners provide especially for those willing to reserve online. You can save big on your cheap places to travel in the US.