The 10 Best Cities in the USA to Move To

If you’re getting overwhelmed by your place of residence, a short trip to a Florida beach might be just what you need to reset. But if weekend-getaways no longer do it for you, it could be time to consider moving to a new environment.

Of course, this is easier said than done. The U.S. is a massive country with more cities than one could count. Actually, that’s not strictly true: The U.S. Census Bureau has counted all local governments in the country, including over 19,500 municipalities and more than 16,300 townships. But those numbers don’t exactly make the choice any easier.

Fortunately, this article is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best cities to move to in the USA. After you browse the list, all you’ll need to do is take your pick, hire a moving company (like the amazing 3 Movers), and get ready to start a new chapter in your life.

The 10 Best Cities in the U.S.

1. Wilmington, NC

Located right next to Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina, Wilmington is a surprisingly well-developed community with more than affordable living expenses.

The city does have a sprawling housing market with prices just below the national average, but this is offset with considerably lower income and property taxes. However, it’s not all about the dollar in Wilmington.

The city boasts many parks, coffee shops, and restaurants, providing many pleasant options for leisure. Plus, Wilmington is renowned for its excellent school system.

2. Huntsville, AL

Known as Rocket City, Huntsville is still experiencing growth that started back in the 1960s. But while the development has been extensive, the living costs haven’t been following suit. Today, the city is among the most affordable locations in the U.S.

Huntsville features numerous businesses with a strong emphasis on aviation and security industries. The city also keeps developing new, vibrant areas with various content for relaxation and entertainment.

If you’re looking for a place that offers great living standards with almost no associated stress , Huntsville won’t disappoint.

3. Arlington, VA

For a long time, Arlington didn’t represent much more than a Washington, D.C. suburb traditionally populated by federal employees. That said, the city has started to gain its own footing recently.

For instance, Amazon is planning to make Arlington its new home, contributing to the city’s transformation into a rapidly developing center. Tech development is already the main buzzword of the area.

When you settle in Arlington, you won’t feel like you’re anywhere close to a metropolis like Washington. With an expansive system of breathtaking parks and bike trails, the city represents the ideal combination of progress and a refuge from the D.C. hustle and bustle.

4. Sarasota, FL

When you think about Florida, Miami is probably the first place that comes to mind. The first association might be the wonderful beaches, while the second and third will likely include the horrid traffic jams and high living costs.

But what if you could have the former without the latter? Sarasota provides its residents with just that.

The city has a laid-back culture with a large emphasis on the arts. And, of course, all the splendors of the Gulf Coast are right there for you to explore. When it comes to financial matters, Sarasota has somewhat steeper home prices. However, being in Florida balances this out as the state charges no income taxes.

5. Colorado Springs, CO

If you want the conveniences of modern urban life, plenty of history, and vibrant natural beauty all in one place, Colorado Springs is the place for you.

The city has Pikes Peak in eyesight from the downtown area and the biking and hiking paths of the Garden of the Gods Park within easy reach. For anyone who can’t live without contact with nature, Colorado Springs will be paradise on Earth.

The city has lower healthcare, transportation, and utility costs than the Colorado averages. The lowered expenses make Colorado Springs an affordable and relatively stress-free environment.

6. Boise, ID

Boise has grown significantly in the past decade. Driven by lower housing prices, many Californians have decided to relocate, choosing this former small town as their destination.

The city today boasts growing medical and tech industries, presenting attractive job opportunities to all newcomers. At the same time, Boise maintains the charm of a small place nestled in the Rocky Mountains foothills.

Despite the surrounding desert terrain, the Boise River supports lush vegetation throughout the city which is matched by Boise’s lush greenery.

7. Knoxville, TN

With an abundance of eateries serving delicious Southern specialties, all the sweet tea you could drink, and the backdrop of the majestic Smoky Mountains, Knoxville sounds like a dream town.

In fact, the city is counted among the most pleasant places to live in the country. If you love sports, Knoxville has plenty to offer on that front as well. There are two professional teams that call the city home: the Ice Bears (hockey) and the Tennessee Smokies (baseball).

In addition, Knoxville is relatively affordable, with both house prices and living costs lower than the respective national averages.

8. Austin, TX

Unlike many entries on this list, Austin doesn’t offer as much peace and relaxation as it does opportunities.

The capital of Texas has become a key destination drawing in major employers, mostly from the tech industry. Apple, Dell, and Tesla have their centers in Austin, as well as several other big tech businesses.

Living expenses in Austin aren’t particularly low. In fact, they keep rising. However, if you have experience in tech professions, you might find covering those costs quite easy.

9. Madison, WI

Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin. But more than a college town, this place has managed to keep its students, driving its growth forward in massive leaps.

Today, Madison represents a tech hub of the Midwest and has much to offer in addition. The city is calm, easy to navigate by foot, and filled with gorgeous architecture. Best of all, Madison is extremely affordable and boasts a thriving healthcare industry.

10. Fayetteville, AR

With more than half a million people and growing, Fayetteville is going through massive expansion. The prices of real estate in the city are among the highest in Arkansas but that doesn’t keep newcomers away. Especially since you can buy a house in Fayetteville for less than in most U.S. real estate areas.

The city features an art gallery, fantastic hikes in the Ozark Mountains, and fun night life. Also, Fayetteville is home to several Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, making it a city full of possibilities.

Find Your Dream City

Whether you’re looking for a stress-free environment or a place that will give you the chance to grow, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our list of the 10 best U.S. cities. Relocating to a new city might seem daunting, but it will become less so when you have a better idea of where you’re going.