Romantic Log Cabin Breaks In The UK For Valentine’s Day

If there is one thing that is on trend in the UK, it is a log cabin getaway. These are great all year round and are perfect for a romantic break with your partner. No technology, no internet, just each other’s company. 

There are many places to do this in the UK but due to the rise in demand, many companies are overcharging for this. Nevertheless, spots are worth every penny with the fantastic views which overlook the nature near your cabin. Let’s look at some of the best log cabins in the UK that you and your partner can stay at for Valentine’s Day. 

The Chilterns View, Ewelme

Ewelme is in Oxfordshire and we all know how wonderful Oxfordshire is to visit. However, Oxfordshire is also home to some amazing log cabin getaways. Numerous rustic cabins at Chilterns are perfect for that dream getaway. Additionally, these cabins have a south-facing Veranda with a stunning hot tub that can fit you both in it as you enjoy a glass of champagne. 

The Chilterns View is a great spot, not just for these luxurious cabins but also for the nature you are surrounded by. You can enjoy a lovely evening stroll or morning walk on one of the many hiking trails nearby. Then finish the day off with a glass of wine in front of a wood-burning stove. 

Eagle Brae, Beauly

Eagle Brae is next on the list and is another fantastic spot for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day. It is also for those willing to travel as it is at the top of the UK, not too far away from Inverness in Scotland. 

For those who have visited Scotland before, you have likely experienced the wild highlands that are stunning to see. Now, picture a log cabin in the middle of nowhere that allows you to wake up in those highlands when the sun rises. Imagine the views that you would have across the UK. Doing this with the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with makes this trip ten times better. 

At Eagle Brae, you can enjoy your morning brew whilst looking at the marvellous highland views. As soon as you are ready to attack the day with your partner, get on your hiking boots and waterproof clothes and prepare yourself for a hike through the 8,000 acres of Scottish land. You can also do something you have never done before and go clay pigeon shooting with your partner if you wish to mix it up a little. 

Lux Compact Cabin, Perthshire 

Staying in Scotland, Lux Compact Cabin is another spectacular spot for you and your partner. We would say this one is better than the other Log Cabin spots because of the astonishing views of the mountain vistas due to the large bedside windows. Enjoy a lie-in during the morning as you watch the sun rise and shine over these breathtaking mountains before getting out of bed and getting on with your day. 

This log cabin is far more modern than some of the other cabins which have been mentioned. Furthermore, it offers underfloor heating and a log burner that will keep you both warm at night and in the morning when the spring chill hovers in the air. 

There are many things you can see and do near this log cabin as well. You can either visit Loch Lomond or trek through The Trossachs National Park. It is the perfect place for those who want to escape the concrete jungles and embrace the wild woodlands of the UK.

The Corner House, Leominster

The Corner House is a much more affordable experience compared to the others due to its simplistic design. With open-air hot tubs, it is great to stare at the stars above once the sun has set. You don’t need to worry about being too cold as the hot tub will keep you warm, even in the coldest temperatures. 

You can then visit the River Rye for a walk to break up your day, enjoying the many farmlands that surround your wonderful log cabin. The Corner House is a great retreat and isn’t too far away from civilisation. Sometimes, you want a breakaway but don’t want to be miles away from the neighbouring city or village you wish to visit during your log cabin stay. 

To Conclude

There is one thing for certain with the UK and that is there are many log cabins that make a great romantic getaway. Some are far better than others due to the views they offer; however, you can expect to spend more money on these luxurious cabins.

The UK is full of countryside like Yorkshire which is great for escaping the city. However, sometimes you don’t want to be too far away from those shopping centres in Leeds or the bars in the city centre. Nevertheless, there is a log cabin for everyone, especially those who wish to escape their personal life for a weekend.