How To Get Great Las Vegas Room Deals

Wonder on how to get great Las Vegas room deals? Here are some tips for you. Preferably a few months before you go to Las Vegas (but even a few weeks before you go would probably work) sign-in in as many Las Vegas hotel online guestbooks as you can, eg,, …

Get Great Las Vegas Room Deals

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Further on they’ll start sending you emails with special room offers. If you are worried you should be deluged with tons of email, you can open a special free email account just for your guestbook signings. even if you’ve signed more than ten guestbooks. If you do this make sure you check it frequently so you don´t miss the special offers you’ll receive.


When you’re ready to make your booking, if you’re calling the hotel, make sure you have the email offer at hand. They usually ask for a code you need to quote in order to get the special offer. Also, when you make the booking, just to make sure and double check you’re getting the rate that was offered in the email to you. If you’re calling the hotel, not all the operators know about the special email offers which is why you need to quote the code and double check you’re getting the right rate. You’ll also need a credit card when making your booking so make sure you have that ready too.

A couple of days before you´re due to arrive in Las Vegas, you should call the hotel and confirm your reservation. Take the email offer with you and I make sure they have the details of that, along with the code and special room rate. It’s a good idea to also find out when check in time is and how long they hold your reservation in case you’re late checking in. In any case, if you know you cant make it until early/late evening it’s advisable to tell them that and ask if they can hold your room for you because you’ll definitely be there.

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Another way to get cheap Las Vegas hotel accommodations

Las Vegas, like any tourist city has their share of great deals at great prices. The great deals however are limited to certain days of the week or month. But of course Las Vegas is a great place to be anytime. The lower rates are normally available in low season when there are fewer visitors.

Low season in Las Vegas is typically during the week from Tuesday thru Thursday, you´ll get daily rates at ridiculously low prices. If you’re interest is in enjoying one of the premier properties in Las Vegas, then consider the mid week getaway deals. During these so called “mid week times”, you can book a room in hotels like Luxor, Treasure Island, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and many other top Las Vegas hotel destinations at budget prices.

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Occupancy is what the hotel is looking for to achieve so the more people going, the lower the daily rate. So check around and see what kind of deals can be found using local and online based travel agents. Some travel agents are specialized in Las Vegas tours and act as consolidators, booking blocks of rooms and travel packages. Don’t let the word “tour” discourage you however. Tour in this case in nothing more than a designation of a group of people going to a common place and location.
If you need to visit Vegas during the high season, which is Friday thru Sunday, the strategy to snag a cheap Las Vegas hotel needs a little fitting. As always, it pays to plan ahead. Don’t go during a busy weekend when major events are held in town. The rates will be high and stay that way for everybody. Still, the way to lower hotel costs is your membership in some other groups like AAA, American Association of Retired Persons, who knows, even your employer may have discounted rates established at many of Las Vegas nicest resorts.

Another way to save big is to stay a bit longer. Yes, it´s true, staying longer usually gets a better rate than a one or two night stay only. Remember to always ask when booking. Las Vegas is one of the most popular getaways where tourists are coming and going. Although many 4 and 5 star hotels will have higher rates, remember to look for discount packages and stay awhile longer. These are your best bet to find the cheapest Las Vegas room deals at the nicest places.


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