5 Simple Tips To Make Your Long Haul Flights More Relaxing

Discover 5 proven ways to help get more comfortable during your next flight. There are things you can do to feel so much better during and after your next long haul flight.


1. You should select your seat before you fly. The worst thing is to arrive at the airport where they only have a middle seat and you like to have a window seat. So try to book the seat online because nowadays almost each airline has its website whereby you can get online seating chart to choose from when you book your flight. If you choose a security exit row, you must be fit and old enough to follow the instructions. Infirm persons or children are not allowed and you will be asked to change seats.

2. You should discuss your meal options before you fly. If you are a vegetarian or have your own special dietary needs, you should talk with your travel booking agent so that the airlines could make some adjustments. Some airlines also have the option whereby you can state your personal menu requirements online at the time of booking.

3. The air on board is very dry, so drink as much as possible. But not alcohol, instead water and avoid carbonated beverages too. Alcohol tends to increase queasiness, and the bubbles in carbonated beverages get bigger in your stomach during a flight.  That can send you from queasy to vomiting. If you are wearing contact lenses then it would be better if you wear glasses while in the flight as your eyes will dry out and become red because of the altitude.

4. For an overnight flight you should bring a sleeping mask and a travel neck pillow for a more convenient sleep. It is a good idea to bring some earplugs with you too. The noise on board is very disturbing. My recommendation: LightsOut 3D Contoured REM Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs Kit Set on A m a z o n. Because I don´t like pressure on my eyes. The contoured underside of this eye mask prevents from pressing on my eyes and smudging my makeup.

5. Try to move in the cabin.  Wiggle a lot.  Move around in your seat, wiggle your toes, move your arms and legs around. If you stretch your legs and move about in the cabin when you can and staying mobile for hours on one end wont do any wonders for your muscles. Take your shoes off. Your feet shall swell during the flight and as such it would be great if you give them freedom and room. Change to a pair of warm socks instead.

Have a save and pleasant trip.