3 and A Half Very Bizarre and Weird Holidays

As far as holidays go, people want an experience that they would not easily soon forget but weird holidays hardly ever come to mind. That is why most people choose to go somewhere other than they immediate vicinities. Far away tropical islands often lead the pack when it comes to destinations.

These are tried, tested and found to be true destinations that never disappoint. As long as you have a healthy attitude and the money to spend, the sun and sand in these destinations will bring the rest. But for every norm, there is what can be considered as unusual. And holiday destinations are not exceptions to the rule.
weird holidays plane

Take Off For Weird Holidays

Sometimes someone just wants to get away, but not to the same old cliché places. Some people want to experience life from the unbeaten side of the path. That is why sometimes, instead of booking a flight to the Bahamas, some people might consider going to some of the destinations mentioned below. They are bizarre, unusual and just plain original.

1. Futuro House

As far as I know, there is only one place on the world offering a similar experience – the UFO style cabin at the  in Sweden.

weird travels ufo

The UFO style cabin at the Treehotel in Sweden

A Finnish architect way back in 1968 had a wonderful idea for a unique ski cabin. He built a flying saucer with an airplane hatch as an entrance. About 100 of these flying saucers like pods were built, but only one is being used currently as a vacation rental for those of us in the mood to experience a little ‘out of this world’ room and board. The best part is that it’s not that expensive, for roughly $85 per night (max. 4 guests), you can get to experience one of the world’s most weird holidays. Well, as worldly as sleeping in a flying saucer can be. More info on the UFO house here: Treehouse Resort Sweden

2. Passenger jet hotel suite in Costa Rica

Of course you are going to visit some sandy beach at some point during your weired holiday. Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world. If you want to swim in the Pacific, then head over to Costa Rica for some sun, sand and salty water. What makes Costa Rica an even better destination choice is the fact that in Manuel Antonio National Park, there is one of the most bizarre rooms and boards known to man.

A passenger jet hotel suite made out of a defunct Boeing 727

Perched on a 50 foot pedestal, this hotel suite enjoys wonderful scenic views of the sun and sand below thanks to the Pacific Ocean. This passenger jet from 1965 will without a doubt leave you telling bed and breakfast stories that are unbelievable around the dinner table. Strange and unusual vacations make for good story telling. A word on the costs, depending on the season the daily prices range between $250 and $750 plus 13% tax.

3. Sleeping Altar in Amsterdam

unusual vacations altarAmsterdam was a city filled with monasteries, convents and churches, some of these were converted into glamouring night clubs and unique hotels. Some buildings changed a lot during times, once a church built in the 1800s and converted into an orphanage and home for the elderly.

"Hotel Arena" is a great mix of modern technology and old spacious architecture today.


As if Amsterdam needed any more reasons to make it an absolute must for vacationers from all over the world, it just got one. In central Amsterdam, behind Rembrandt Square, there is an 18th century building that was constructed during a period when Catholics could not hold public masses, it was forbidden. That is not what makes this destination unique though. This unique apartment has it’s bedroom constructed in what used to be the 18th century chapel. So when you switch off the lights to go to bed at night, you will in fact be sleeping on the altar. For the highly religious, very few things will give you more peace at night than knowing that you are sleeping in one of the places used for worshiping your lord. By the way, rates start from €350. More info at Op Het Altaar:  http://www.ophetaltaar.nl/

Perhaps the one adventure holiday destination that is still in the making right now is a tour of space. Slowly, people have started looking at destinations outside of our very own atmosphere. Space has to be one of the universe’s most weird holidays. Again, provided you have the money, a tour of space does not come cheap, you can view our beautiful planet from way up there where even the birds don’t venture. More info at Space Adventures.

Talk of weird travels. It’s all about your creativity, economic prowess and willingness to push the limits of what may be considered the norm. Put on your thinking cap and find even weirder destinations to visit next time you have a few days off at Christmas holiday season. You will without any doubt find the experience refreshingly original and unique.

Stay with us for more on strange holidays and the weirdest destinations you can imagine only on The Wonder Map.