4 Great Native American Reservations For Unique Vacations

The cultural experience in Native American Reservations is amazing and even though many of the powwows are private. There are some which do allow and welcome other cultures so that they can learn about the Native American lifestyle and traditions.

Best time to go for Native American vacations is in the summertime so you don’t need to worry about some harsh lower North America temperatures. Another reason is because the rituals and festivals are usually during the hot summer seasons.

Colorful Pow Wow at Native American Reservations

Colorful Pow Wow at Native American Reservations

For those of you who are trying to learn more about the culture, many Native American powwows have organized tours which gives you a chance to ask your guide some questions. There are several different types of tours that are offered from group to self guided however this again does depend on the Indian reservation.

You are probably wondering about the costs for a holiday in one of the Native Indian Reservations.

These vacations are NOT as expensive as a more urban experience. When taking a Native American vacation it’s more of an all-in experience where you are paying a fix price for the whole experience. You might have to dish out some extra money in the restaurants and shops but it’s nothing compared to an urban city vacation.

tipi setting

Native American Reservations: a tipi setting

The Do´s And Don´ts

There are a few things you need to be careful about because many of these reservations are still sacred grounds which are home to Native Americans. You need to be careful to respect the reservation and refrain from shouting, swearing and intruding on teepees which have been setup by settlers.

If you plan on taking photo’s during your trip then ask before taking any since you may require special permission. It’s important to mention that many powwows are less restrictive then before since many people visiting are from different cultures.

Did you know that New Mexico is home to 19 pueblos, including the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos located north of Santa Fe?

Every August since 1922, the largest Native American Indian arts market, in downtown Santa Fe takes place. Visit the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture to discover the complexity and diversity of the Native American cultures of the region.

Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe

Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe

Stay at the Santa Fe pueblo-style hotel at Loretto Chapel, a replica of the Taos Pueblo, a national historic landmark.

Here are some amazing Native American reservations to consider.

Blackfeet Nation sculpture

1. The Blackfeet Indian reservation located in Montana has one of the most beautiful recreation centers and also borders Alberta in the North. The whole Native American reservations is around 3000 square miles.

The Blackfeet Indian Reservation offers a lot more activities compared to other Native American vacations. For an authentic venture into the life of the Blackfeet Indians spend the evening around a crackling fire, while listening to stories from Native American Tribes, drumming and singing songs passed down from generation to generation about life for the Blackfoot Indian in Montana.

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Great way to experience tipi living and definitely an experience that you won’t soon forget! Well worth the time and money to get an in-depth look at the Blackfeet way of life. Combine with a trip to Glacier National Park as it is a short drive only.

If you get a chance to visit the Blackfeet Reservation it is best to go during their North American Indian Days Pow Wow in summer. Many people of different tribes come to Browning and set up their camp to enjoy the rodeo (next to the arbor) and pow wow held in the arbor for several days.

You can enjoy hiking along the Blackfeet Trial or setup a camp fire during the night sharing in some of the Native American music. This reservation is equipped with a sports area, restaurants, and festivals including costumes that you can wear during the whole event.

2. The Six Nations which is the largest in Canada and has a total of 23,902 band members consisting of many different tribes plus it is the only reservation which has six Iroquois nations that live together on the same site. Within the middle of the reservation is the location known as Bears Inn. Everything is in walking distance from the center Bear’s Inn like the sports complex, village life and restaurants.

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Native Indian totems Vancouver Canada

3. Next, the Nuu Chah Nulth which is located within Vancouver Canada and has some of the most beautiful scenery since the reservation runs along the Pacific Rim.

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Many tourists often find themselves here where you can participate in surf lessons, watching festivals and enjoying the culture.

4. The Metlakatla Indian Reserve is always a must see since it is the only remaining Native American reservation within Alaska. The community relays on tourist so they are very flexible about allowing all different cultures on the reservations. They have also several activities for everyone to take part in which include art exhibitions, fishing, tours and cultural experiences catered at educating everyone who comes and visits.

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but you find more accommodation in nearby Ketchikan and there are also over 300 campsites !!!

Learn more about native tribal culture.

Visit the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. This ceremonial event is unique opportunity to learn about native tribal culture through many activities, these include:

  • Native American Art Exhibit and prized competition
  • Native American traditional art and jewelry vendors
  • Evening and daily inter-tribal dance exhibitions
  • Evening and morning all Indian parade
  • Pow-Wow
  • all Indian Rodeo

Many of the events are housed at Red Rock State Park and Conference Center. Visit the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. It is planned in Gallup, New Mexico. 97th Annual event: August 3-11, 2018. For more information visit the website: https://gallupceremonial.net

5. Gathering of Nations

North America’s Biggest PowWow – April 26, 27 & 28, 2018 at the Powwow Grounds – Tingley Coliseum /Expo New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A. In the fourth weekend of April. Native Americans come to Albuquerque for the Gathering of Nations, the world’s largest Native American cultural event. Highlight is the Grand Entry where thousands of Native American dancers enter the University of New Mexico’s arena in full regalia to the beating of the drums.

There are also many demonstrations by tribal members, like: traditional bread baking, hiking and riding along the Rio Grande on trails or listen to Native American storyteller under the stars. Native American vacations are great.

Nativo Lodge in Albuquerque

Nativo Lodge in Albuquerque

Stay at the Nativo Lodge, a comfortable hotel with a nice decor in a very tasteful authentic Native American Theme.