From Skyline to Street Art: A Tour of Chicago’s Most Instagrammable Neighbourhoods

If you have ever had a chance to learn about Chicago, this American city is known for its iconic landmarks and award-winning culinary scene. In addition to the stunning buildings featuring 20th-century architectural style, Chicago has enough green spaces that add a touch of nature to the region. So, you will have picturesque spots in this beautiful city. Once you are in the city, you must take a tour of Chicago’s most Instagrammable neighbourhoods. 

The Chicago Theatre at Night IL-USA

Chicago has many vibrant neighbourhoods and beautiful spaces that greatly liven up your Instagram feed. You will find everything here, from sky-high skyscrapers and picture-perfect street art to innovative theatres and glorious. So, it is time to book your flights from London to Chicago and experience the city’s stunning picturesque spots soon. 

Most Instagrammable Spots in Chicago

1.  Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate or the Bean is a beautiful sculpture in Millenium Park. This stunning bean-shaped sculpture reflects the cloud-piercing skyscrapers of the city. It is the work of the famous British artist Anish Kapoor. 

Being one of the most instagrammable spots in the city, this unique structure enables you to capture some of the most stunning photographs on your Chicago trip. You can capture the essence of this bean up close or take a picture from further back with the towering skyscrapers reflecting in the sculpture’s shiny surface. 

2. Skyline from the North Avenue Beach

You can never capture the essence of Chicago entirely without capturing its stunning skylines. One of the best views of Chicago’s most iconic skylines is from North Avenue Beach. Make sure to catch a beautiful skyline angle from the lakefront at this beach. 

This is where you get a spectacular view of the city’s most iconic buildings, including the Palmolive building, John Hancock, Drake Hotel, and many more. To get more stunning shots, you can plan to visit this beautiful spot during sunrise or sunset. This will enable you to capture the towering buildings with the background of beautiful skies. 

3. The Rookery Building

The Rookery Building is famous around the globe for its modern urban architecture. Designed by two prominent architects in 1888, this building is unmatched in its architectural expertise, giving it a picture-perfect outlook. The building became much more instagrammable when Frank Lloyd Wright redesigned the two-storey lobby of this stunning building. 

Now, the natural light reflects the glass ceiling most beautifully, adding to the captivating beauty of this building. So, you will surely get some perfect shots here that you can share with your Instagram followers. 

4. Lurie Garden 

Lurie Garden is heaven for anyone who loves lush greenery and vibrant flowers. This beautiful garden is located within the Millenium Park. You will find approximately 350 species of flowers that give you the perfect photo opportunities amidst the natural beauty. Moreover, the garden also has stunning water features and a beautiful 4.8-meter tall shoulder hedge.

You will have various spots here to take spectacular shots. Always keep your camera ready to capture the beauty of the Lurie Garden. 

5. The Wrigley Building

As we have already discussed, Chicago’s glorious architecture is unparalleled. One good example of stunning architecture in the region is the Wrigley Building. It is undoubtedly among the most iconic landmarks in Chicago. It was constructed in the early 1920s as the corporate headquarters of a chewing gum firm. 

The spectacular architecture of this building is influenced by French Renaissance architecture and the Spanish Colonial Revival. It stands tall at a glorious height of 440 feet. The building has a beautiful clockface, too, that adds a touch of elegance to it. Moreover, it consists of two towering buildings connected by an elevated walkway. 

6. The Chicago Theatre

Built in 1921, the Chicago Theatre has a stunning exterior and a spectacular interior. This magnificent theatre is seven storeys high and can seat 3880 people at a time. It features plush red velvet seats and stunning French-style murals and decorations. The glitzy neon signage will surely catch your attention. 

It is not surprising that the Chicago Theatre is among the top photography spots in the region. If you want a fully immersive experience, you can also catch a fancy show in this theatre.

7. Skydeck Chicago

Skydeck Chicago is among the most instagrammable spots in the region. It is located on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. You get the most panoramic views of the city from here, which gives you a chance to take some stunning shots from up top. Being the highest observation platform in the country, it provides you with a view of around four states.

It is a famous tourist spot in the city, so it can get crowded here. So, make sure to be at the place as early as possible. 

Final Words

Chicago is a picturesque city which gives you the most immersive experience and gives you a chance to make your Instagram as vibrant as possible. So, once you are in the city, you must have a tour of Chicago’s most instagrammable neighbourhoods. You can look for British Airways flights to fly directly from the UK to Chicago.