Discovering Hidden Gems: A Journey to the Lesser-Known Waterfalls of Hawaii

Hawaii, a sanctuary of unmatched natural splendour, unveils its hidden gems amidst its captivating terrain. Enchanting waterfalls are tucked away within verdant forests, obscured from the usual tourist routes. These cascades exude an irresistible charm, eagerly awaiting discovery by the intrepid. Delving into these secret treasures ensures a rewarding journey, providing tranquillity and marvel beyond the conventional paths. This expedition ensures adventure and a deep communion with Hawaii’s unspoiled wilderness.

Discover Hawaii’s Lesser-Known Waterfalls: 

Undoubtedly, Hawaii boasts an abundance of beautiful waterfalls. However, for your 2024 visit, we have curated a list featuring the lesser-known among them. Take a peek.

1. Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls, a magnificent waterfall in Maui’s verdant scenery, enthrals with its majestic stature. Flowing gracefully from volcanic precipices epitomises nature’s raw force and tranquil grace. Enveloped by lush forests and melodic birdcalls, Waimoku beckons adventurers to embark on a journey of marvel and fascination. The trek to reach this natural wonder reveals sweeping panoramas and the essence of exploration, offering visitors a glimpse into Hawaii’s untamed splendour. Standing amidst its mist, one is overwhelmed by the sheer grandeur of Waimoku Falls.

2. Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls, lovingly referred to as “Three Bears,” adds a touch of enchantment to Maui’s renowned Road to Hana. Renowned for its three-tiered magnificence, this natural marvel mesmerises travellers with its graceful cascade. Along the scenic route, the falls reveal themselves as a hidden treasure, enticing exploration and appreciation. Each tier presents a distinct viewpoint, showcasing the graceful interplay of water within the lush environment. Upper Waikani Falls is a testament to the island’s captivating allure, inviting all who venture along the Road to Hana to pause and revel in its enduring enchantment.

3. Hiilawe Falls

In the heart of Waipi’o Valley on Hawaii’s Big Island, Hiilawe Falls is a breathtaking wonder. Plummeting over rugged cliffs with stunning grace, it boasts a height of over 1,450 feet, weaving a canvas of mist and rainbows. Enhanced by lush foliage and the tranquil ambience of the valley, Hiilawe beckons adventurers to witness its natural magnificence. Its beauty resonates with ancient Hawaiian legends, enchanting all who encounter its majestic presence.

4. Uluwehi Falls

Uluwehi Falls, embraced by the lush Hawaiian scenery, enchants with its peaceful allure. Flowing gracefully from rugged cliffs, it paints a captivating portrait of natural beauty. Amidst vibrant foliage and tropical melodies, it provides a serene haven for those searching for solace. Adventurers gently hike through verdant paths, greeted by Uluwehi’s pristine waters cascading into a picturesque pool below. One discovers a sanctuary of tranquillity and marvels in this enchanting island atmosphere.

5. Waihee Falls

Nestled on Maui’s island, Waihee Falls invites explorers with majestic charm. Hidden within lush forests, the falls descend rugged cliffs, composing a symphony of natural beauty. A peaceful aura embraces all observers as they merge into a serene pool below. Reached through a scenic hike amidst verdant landscapes, Waihee Falls promises a revitalising getaway from the daily grind. Visitors uncover a timeless sanctuary of marvel and tranquillity within the tranquillity of Hawaii’s wilderness.

6. Kahiwa Falls

Kahiwa Falls remains a hidden gem awaiting discovery within Molokai’s Halawa Valley. Guided excursions lead travellers on an immersive journey to behold its captivating splendour. Enveloped by untouched wilderness, the trek reveals a vibrant canvas of verdant greenery and lively avian choruses. Exclusive access via guided hikes ensures an intimate communion with Hawaii’s unspoiled panoramas. Amidst rugged paths, visitors uncover a tranquil haven where the symphony of cascading waters blends seamlessly with nature’s serene melody.

7. Hanawi Natural Pool and Falls

Tucked away in Maui’s scenic Hana region, Hanawi Natural Pool and Falls call out to tired wanderers with its tranquil allure and invigorating waters. This secluded oasis offers a serene refuge from the tropical sun, encouraging guests to immerse themselves in its clear pool for revitalisation. Embraced by verdant foliage and the melodic whispers of the environment, it presents an ideal sanctuary for unwinding and reflection. Accessible via a picturesque drive along Hana’s meandering routes, Hanawi Natural Pool and Falls guarantee an indelible encounter amid Hawaii’s unspoiled vistas.

8. Kauai Falls

Waipo’o Falls, alternatively called Kauai Falls, embellishes the stunning scenery of Waimea Canyon on Kauai Island. The waterfall’s tumbling streams form a mesmerising sight amidst the rugged landscape, observable from numerous viewpoints along the canyon’s rim. Beholders are treated to a display of nature’s magnificence as they marvel at the powerful descent of the falls juxtaposed with the serene allure of the canyon’s surroundings. Kauai Falls is a symbol of the island’s unmatched beauty and enchants all who come to witness its grandeur.


Setting out to uncover Hawaii’s less-travelled waterfalls reveals a world of tranquil natural wonders. These concealed gems—Waimoku, Upper Waikani, Hiilawe, Uluwehi, Waihee, Kahiwa, and Hanawi Natural Pool and Falls—not only offer a respite from the everyday hustle but also forge a profound bond with Hawaii’s unspoiled wilderness. Each cascade narrates a distinct tale, blending adventure, tranquillity, and awe, beckoning adventurers to embrace the raw, untouched essence of the Hawaiian islands.