Lanzarote Beach Shortcuts

Lanzarote is a unique Volcanic Island with long lovely beaches, never-ending sunsets and long summer nights. Despite its volcanic nature, Lanzarote has only very few scenic black sand beaches, most of the others are lovely golden or tropical white.

Lanzarote beach

So, where is the best beach on Lanzarote?

No matter where you are staying, I would suggest that you should not miss this one out: Papagayo Beach Lanzarote. It´s also my favorite white sand beach in Lanzarote. Punta de Papagayo, is located at the southernmost tip of Lanzarote. It is actually a collection of small beaches (Playa Mujeres, Playa del Pozo, Playa de Papagayo, Playa de La Cera, Puerto Muelas and Caleta del Congrio), with golden sands of between 300 and 1300 feet in length and separated by high cliffs.

If you are looking for Lanzarote´s white sand beaches this is it. With a surrounding landscape of volcanic ash, crystal clear water and fine white sand, this stretch of the coast, with several small bays and coves is quite simply stunning.

Where to stay on your Lanzarote vacation? This island has everything from beach hotels to all-inclusive resorts, luxury bungalows or low cost apartments.

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How to get there? Follow the signs to Papagayo beach from the main LZ-2 Roundabout with the CEPSA garage, access is gained by first driving across a dirt track road (quite bumpy), then paying a toll (3 Euro) and then walking down the sand banks to the beach as there is no man-made path. Access is not as you might expect and given the beaches are remote and not near the main centre, few services are available, so please go prepared and take a cool box packed full of food and drinks as you won’t find any shops or restaurant on these beaches.

This unspoilt, undeveloped area is surrounded by stunning picture card landscapes, with volcanic ash cliffs, crystal clear waters and fine white & golden sands and is made up of several small bays and coves. This is indeed one of the best beaches on Lanzarote with incredible views; on both sides of the shore you have cliffs that overlook Playa Blanca beaches.

If you decide to walk along the beach to look at other bays, please bear in mind the fact that some visitors bathe nude at this location as it is permitted. This beach can be wild at times and waves can be a little strong, so if you are on a family vacation, keep an eye on the kids.

Playa de Famara

Playa de Famara

Famous local artist César Manrique, rated the wild and rugged Playa de Famara in the north of the island as his favorite beach. Really, it´s a great natural beach, long and flat with white sand, imposing cliffs, sea spray, excellent waves to surf, and a great breeze for kite flying. At low tide a huge sweep of golden sand makes for a pleasant walk. There are lifeguards on duty because of the dangerous riptides and a fierce undertow, so be careful if you want to swim.

Best beach in Lanzarote – black sand beaches have always fascinated me.

El Golfo

El Golfo

If you are looking for more peaceful, secluded and quiet beaches on Lanzarote the exotic black sand beach of El Golfo is the place to go. Also take a walk an visit the stunning Charco de Los Clicos. Black-sand beaches are a result of centuries of erosion of the volcanic rock and, because of their thermal properties, are warm even on a chilly day. On the other hand, they are hot on sunny days because black absorbs the sun’s heat naturally and barefoot trekking can be shocking during the day. So don´t forget your flip-flops.

Costa Teguise beach is actually a collection of small beaches.

If you are looking for Lanzarote´s quiet beaches, here you can still find tranquility. Btw., the very popular “Be Live Experience Lanzarote Beach” (former Hotel Luabay Lanzarote Beach) is located here. Watch the video below for many Lanzarote pictures of beaches in the area).

Las Cucharas, a sheltered beach 2000 feet long consisting of fine sand and placid waters, surrounded by huge hotels and condos, thankfully architecture and landscape have been harmoniously integrated. The beach is ideal for windsurfing and offers a full range of services from hammocks and parasols to bars and restaurants along its promenade to telephones, parking, comes with good wheelchair access, bus stop and rental of a wide range of sports equipment.

Los Charcos, 800 feet long consisting of fine white sand, clear water and cooling winds, it’s hardly surprising. The tranquility of the ocean in this area is due to the breakwater which shelters it from the strong waves and currents. There is a docking area and seaside boardwalk, together with services including hammocks and parasols, parking, and bus.

Bastian, 1200 feet long, where fine white sand is mixed with gravel and clear water. And finally there is El Jablillo, nearly as long, with fine white sand mixed with gravel with quiet waters, but in a relatively windy area. Services include telephones, parking, bus as well as a range of bars and restaurants.

Still looking for accommodation on the beach in Lanzarote?

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Hope you liked our quick beach guide, find the top attractions on Lanzarote Island right here.